CG Workstation – “The Powerhouse” – Q1 2015

Based on Intel i7-5960X – Q1 2015

PrintWith the coming of the Haswell-E last summer, Intel introduced the first “consumer” grade Octa-core, replacing six-core flagship “Extremes” that were leading the i7 pack since 2010 & socket 1366. This new CPU has a very high potential, but can it really make up for the 2-3 time higher cost vs. its 6-core s2011-3 siblings?

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CG Workstation – The “Pro” Q4 2014

Based on Intel i7-5820K – Q4 2014


Over the last couple of years, the 3930K recommended built along with its 4390K update was easily the most popular post in this site. Better late than never, this post will try to bring the old fav. up to 2014 standards, being based on the new 6-core star from intel, the affordable yet formidable 5820K. Continue reading

CG Workstation – The “Pro” – Overkill edition

“If brute force is not the answer for your problem, you are not using enough”.
This appears to be the way of thinking for both intel and nVidia when they’ve pieced together the leading characters in this theatrical performance  of single CPU, multi GPU overkill!

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Looking to buy a Firepro? Take advantage of the current AMD promotion

AMD_FireproW7000_300AMD launched a very tempting promotional campaign for its W5000 and W7000 Firepro cards.

The creatively titled “The AMD Experience AMD FirePro™ Special Pricing End User Cashback Promotion” is offering mail in cash back for 50% of the buying price (up to $300 for the W5000 and $450 for the W7000). Great news for those that want to celebrate Adobe’s switch to OpenCL acceleration that appears to “rock” with AMD’s GCN architecture.

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CG Workstation – The “Featherweight”

Quite often, people have been asking for an affordable, basic CG workstation.
In this post I will try to pick components for an above average machine that packs some punch and will allow you to work on almost anything and not feel that you have compromised getting something outdated. The theoretical “soft” budget is targeted to be $750 or less, excluding taxes and software.


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