CG Workstation – The Baby “Titan” Supercomputer


If you have tried GPU accelerated rendering and you think you can work fine within its limitations, this big-little machine can be your single box renderfarm solution.
It is far from “cheap”, but for a studio that can harness the 21.5K CUDA cores it packs, this “Baby Titan” supercomputer will certainly appear to be a worthy investment!

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CG Workstation – The “Pro” – Overkill edition

“If brute force is not the answer for your problem, you are not using enough”.
This appears to be the way of thinking for both intel and nVidia when they’ve pieced together the leading characters in this theatrical performance  of single CPU, multi GPU overkill!

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CG Workstation – The “Apprentice”

Stepping up the game from both a n intel i5 and a AMD FX-8350 alike, the 4770K/3770K i7 “duo” is thet all-around processor for the demanding user. This build is aimed to fulfill the role of a mid-range 3D CAD workstation, capable of satisfying most casual users, amateur or professionals, with the ability to tweak and upgrade its performance overtime – either by adding GPUs, or overclocking the existing hardware.

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nVidia Quadro 600

Why would I ever buy an entry workstation card?

nVidia_Quadro_600I was always skeptical about Quadro cards…I mean, what is so special about them? We all knew for ages now that Quadro’s are not that different from their GeForce siblings, in many cases sharing 100% identical hardware, yet selling for many times the price.
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