CG Workstation – The “Featherweight”

Quite often, people have been asking for an affordable, basic CG workstation.
In this post I will try to pick components for an above average machine that packs some punch and will allow you to work on almost anything and not feel that you have compromised getting something outdated. The theoretical “soft” budget is targeted to be $750 or less, excluding taxes and software.


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CG Workstation – The “Pro”: Getting serious

Each generation of CPU architecture has its limits…so much MHz, so many transistors per mm2 . What if we want more power? Well, according to intel and nVidia, pack more of the same! The recipe seems to be working fine for CG artists, so lets see how much power we can cram in a 1P workstation.

Updated for 4930K and new Kepler Quadros and GTXs

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CG Workstation – The “Apprentice”

Stepping up the game from both a n intel i5 and a AMD FX-8350 alike, the 4770K/3770K i7 “duo” is thet all-around processor for the demanding user. This build is aimed to fulfill the role of a mid-range 3D CAD workstation, capable of satisfying most casual users, amateur or professionals, with the ability to tweak and upgrade its performance overtime – either by adding GPUs, or overclocking the existing hardware.

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Turning 32…too young to call it quits, yet old enough to lose your edge…

Dell_Angel_640pThis year the PC as most of us know it (i.e. the x86 based personal computer), is turning 32…the news are flooded with dark predictions, catchy headlines and grim stock-market reports. 32 years ago, IBM along with Microsoft revolutionized the mainstream PC market with their 16bit platform. Today, Microsoft is losing market share, while IBM had been out of the picture for years, selling their PC production line to Lenovo. A bit early for a middle age crisis, but the PC is definitely going through some hoops to redefine itself – again. Continue reading