CG Workstation – “The Powerhouse” – Q1 2015

Based on Intel i7-5960X – Q1 2015

PrintWith the coming of the Haswell-E last summer, Intel introduced the first “consumer” grade Octa-core, replacing six-core flagship “Extremes” that were leading the i7 pack since 2010 & socket 1366. This new CPU has a very high potential, but can it really make up for the 2-3 time higher cost vs. its 6-core s2011-3 siblings?

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CG Workstation – The “Pro” Q4 2014

Based on Intel i7-5820K – Q4 2014


Over the last couple of years, the 3930K recommended built along with its 4390K update was easily the most popular post in this site. Better late than never, this post will try to bring the old fav. up to 2014 standards, being based on the new 6-core star from intel, the affordable yet formidable 5820K. Continue reading

Which GPU is better for increasing rendering speed?

I believe this is one of the hottest questions in every discussion around picking a new workstation. It is worded in various ways: Which is the best GPU for Vray? Or, Which is the best GPU for rendering in 3DS Max / Maya / Rhino 3D / Cinema 4D? etc. In most cases, the answer is none. Not as in “there is no single answer”, but more as in, “GPU has nothing to do with rendering” – or does it? Continue reading

$1500 CG Workstation – Q3 2014

Based on Intel i7-4790K – Q3 2014

This built is an attempt to produce a well-rounded performer that will serve most CG artists, video and image editors looking for a machine that will set them back around $1,500 or $1,350 without OS. This workstation is based on the 4790K, an amazing CPU that out of the box can offer performance that around 6 months ago was available only through overclocking.

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