The fuzz around low profile RAM heatspreaders

Thermalright Silver Arrow in side a CM 690 II

Thermalright Silver Arrow in side a CM 690 II

PC builders with limited experience around the modern air cooling beasts that high-end CPUs require in order to be overclocked are troubled with me insisting on low profile memory dimms.

In this short photo-guide, I will try to illustrate the issue.

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Turning 32…too young to call it quits, yet old enough to lose your edge…

Dell_Angel_640pThis year the PC as most of us know it (i.e. the x86 based personal computer), is turning 32…the news are flooded with dark predictions, catchy headlines and grim stock-market reports. 32 years ago, IBM along with Microsoft revolutionized the mainstream PC market with their 16bit platform. Today, Microsoft is losing market share, while IBM had been out of the picture for years, selling their PC production line to Lenovo. A bit early for a middle age crisis, but the PC is definitely going through some hoops to redefine itself – again. Continue reading

Let’s talk Boneware! Screen Panels, and the Zen of pixel-peeping

pcfoo_PPI_pixel_Comparison_400pOur computer screen is more than a piece of hardware: along with our keyboard, mouse and/or digitizer, the monitor(s) are perhaps the most important components for any PC user. No pun intended – those devices are the boneware, the true bare-bones  of our workstations, carrying out the critical task of interfacing with the user. Continue reading