Which GPU is better for increasing rendering speed?

I believe this is one of the hottest questions in every discussion around picking a new workstation. It is worded in various ways: Which is the best GPU for Vray? Or, Which is the best GPU for rendering in 3DS Max / Maya / Rhino 3D / Cinema 4D? etc. In most cases, the answer is none. Not as in “there is no single answer”, but more as in, “GPU has nothing to do with rendering” – or does it? Continue reading

So what if hot air rises? Convection and PC cases

pcfoo_convection_600pOur physics teacher in high school taught us that hot air is rising, and there is convection in the atmosphere, much like there is in a pot of boiling water that forces hotter molecules to rise, while the colder ones sink till those get warmer again, in an ever-lasting circle. Few people understand the scale of these movements, leading to misunderstandings and self-assumptions about proper PC case designs. Does it really matter in a properly ventilated case? Continue reading