Being involved with computer graphics, gaming and photography since the early 90s, I have put a lot of mileage on my PCs. I have been toying with PC related forums and blogs since I had my first second-hand 28.8K modem gifted to me, someday back in 1995.

What motivates this site?

Well, I have to make it clear that it is not about profit, or promoting any corporation.
A Jack of all Trades (and Master of none), I have been roaming forums about my hobbies, reading and writing endless amounts of words for a couple of decades expecting nothing in return.

With this site/blog I am merely trying to build a base of information that I can refer people to, as I have found that most of the discussion threads in forums, revolve around the same questions, something that unfortunately might “wear” the interest of genuine contributing members to answer them – yet again.

This site is open for anyone to read and comment (as long as he/she is contributing to the “subject in matter”), and requires no membership or fees.

I claim no authority or complete knowledge, just hoping to convey a process of thinking and help you make informed decisions.

PC foo is a humble start in a resource site for putting together a better tool for your budget and task at hand, whether it is for work, joy – or ideally – both, while helping me organize my thoughts on something more coherent than my forum rants.

Forgive me if I fail, the path will be paved with the best intentions. Any insults, implied anger, bad grammar and bad spelling, are entirely unintentional.

You are welcome to contact us for any suggestions.

Legal Disclaimer

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