NVIDIA Maxwell GM200 pictured!

cc3c7e94_NVIDIA-Maxwell-GM200-3So, apparently it is out! The GM200, or “Big Maxwell” is the successor of the GK110, the chip that powered the Titan and 780 series of cards. This leaked pictures probably are of an engineering sample for the Quadro M6000. The flagship workstation card appears to be using twelve Hynix H5GQ4H24MFR modules, clocked at 7 GHz (4*1653MHz). Together they form 12GB frame buffer.


The new chip is big, perhaps slightly bigger than the GK110, but the jump in shaders from the already “beefy” GTX 980 is not as impressive as the difference between GK110 and GK104 (GTX 680/770) was.


This is probably the same card we saw in GPU-Z database. If the stats are true, we will still have to expect 150% the shaders of the GTX980, and the larger memory bandwidth will probably allow the card to flex more of its muscle in SLI configurations vs the 256bit GM204.


NVIDIA is known for reusing the same boards for various models, so this could very much be the TITAN X/2/Ultra board as well.


Source: http://videocardz.com

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