Double the Green Trouble?

PrintSub $600 6GB 780s Officially Rolled out!

Alas…”less than 1.5 year” after the initial Titan launch, nVidia and its partners have launched 6GB versions of the cheaper 780 GK110 variants, are available for much more reasonable prices.

GPGPU and multi-monitor gaming aficionados will be pleased to know that now they can acquire high buffered cards for almost half the price of a Titan’s street price.

It is unclear whether 780Ti 6GB cards will be rolled out – EVGA has more or less confirmed that there will be no 780Ti from their side. Guessing it might be a move to limit inside competition vs. the Titan Black.

Meh, 80% of the performance for half the price is not that bad!
Plus, you might add 2x 780 6GBs and effectively double the performance (remember, that’s for GPGPU + gaming, not 3DS/Maya etc viewports folks).

Some might find it hard to secure cards as demand is higher than supply at the moment, but this should be settled after the first few weeks.

Models of the 780 6GB start as low as $550, but are hard to come by right now outside this Zotac 780 6GB.

The EVGA 780 SC 6GB is in stock in, for $580, while upcoming MSI and Asus models with great non-reference coolers are backordered for the end of the month – or even later.

Note, that for viewport acceleration in CG/DCC applications those cards won’t offer much of a benefit, as the VRam is rarely the bottleneck – even for 4K monitors, but for $70-80 more, is not the end of the world.

Let there be overkill!

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  1. hi and thanks for the info. I have the evga gtx 780 6gig which i bought recently, however im finding that in 3ds 2015 the viewport performance struggles when i use forest page (when i zoom into it). When i was using my old quadro 4000 i never had such issues. any ideas why this might be?

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