intel i7-4930K ES – First IB-E engineering sample review released by ChinaDIY

Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge?

The long awaited intel Ivy Bridge Extreme line for socket 2011 has surfaced at last and benches of the 4930K have been released last few hours in the Chinese site ChinaDIY (Source Link).

Test Setup

CPU: intel i7-4930K ES (Engineering Sample)
Motherboard: MSI Bing Bang XPower II
GPU: nVidia GTX 780
RAM: 16GB (?) – probably Samsung Green 4 x 4 GB
SSD: Samsung 840 Series
OS: Win 7 x64 Ultimate

CPU Productivity Benches

Following benches have been normalized with both chips “locked” at 4GHz overclock to compare apples to apples (as much as possible).
Testing motherboard appears to be the 4930 K vs 3930K Productivity Benches

At least with current BIOS versions, the IB-E chip has very little to offer over existing 3930K users.

Should the latter be discounted, or should a 3910K become available that can clock decently, the SB-E based chips should remain almost identical performers.


Gaming Benches

4930 K vs 3930K Productivity Benches



Current BIOS versions do not allow better than 4.5GHz clocks to be stable with the 4930K. Temps appear to be pretty decent at that speed and 1.27V Vcore.


They did push it to 4.8GHz (not fully stable) and would still require above 1.48V which for s1155 Ivy Bridge CPUs would be considered pretty high.

They did get validation at this speed (probably not even close to prolongued torture tests with Prime or intel burn, but should come with proper BIOS updates). At these Vcores, it is doomed to be hotter than the SB-E though, as the silicon die will be much smaller.


Note that they’ve used only one 4GB dimm at  low speed settings to get the Memory controller stable, in order for the validation to occur. Definitely alot of work is needed in the BIOS to overcome that.

This was just an engineering sample, and perhaps not a cherry picked one.
We will be waiting for more tests and validations in the weeks to come.

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