Let’s talk Boneware! Screen Panels, and the Zen of pixel-peeping

pcfoo_PPI_pixel_Comparison_400pOur computer screen is more than a piece of hardware: along with our keyboard, mouse and/or digitizer, the monitor(s) are perhaps the most important components for any PC user. No pun intended – those devices are the boneware, the true bare-bones  of our workstations, carrying out the critical task of interfacing with the user.As far as PC hardware goes is concerned,  more often than not people will be focusing on nit-picking CPUs, GPUs and all these “invisible” components,  trying to squeeze that little bit of theoretical maximum performance through endless experimentation. 
Yet the things that we will stare and hold for each and every moment we spend when working with the thing – devices that will probably outlast most of our components, get neglected and taken for granted.

I honestly go bananas in my mind on how unproductive some people are, completely negating the performance gains a few MHz here and there gave them, when overall they struggle because of bad choices of peripherals: – from constant panning and orbiting on their inadequate 768p laptop screen, not maximizing their working window when working (a fav with new users), or working on design suites and 3D CAD programs with touch-pads instead of mice.

Page 2: Screen size: physical vs. usable

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